13 11 14

If you’re in distress and need to talk things over, there is someone who can help you now.

Lifeline is free, confidential and available 24 hours.


1300 227 000

If you’re struggling with unmanageable debt, call Australia’s premier debt counselling charity for help — Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

All services are free of charge.

CAP liaise with creditors on clients’ behalf and offer an in-home personalised service. Their free help and advice is on offer to anyone in need, irrespective of race, gender or belief. CAP’s unique and non-judgmental approach means clients are supported all the way as they take each step out of debt and towards freedom.

13 52 47 (Crisis Line)

1800 198 313 (Youthline WA)

Samaritans WA Volunteer Counsellors provide emotional support to individuals, every day from 8:00am-8:00pm (AWST). It is anonymous, confidential, non judgemental, non religious, and offers emotional support.


eCrisis Line: [email protected]

1300 363 550

Abortion may have left you suffering depression, anger, unrelenting fears, nightmares, preoccupation with the baby’s would-be birth date, or experiencing self-destructive behaviours ranging from drug and alcohol abuse, to eating disorders or even suicide attempts.

There is hope, help and healing. Please call Abortion Grief Australia Helpline (help for men and women).

1300 200 406

Free, confidential, non-judgmental care for teens, women and couples distressed or disadvantaged by a current, past or suspected pregnancy.



Other Help Lines

Crisis Care (08) 9223 1111
Kids Helpline (24 hours) 1800 551 800
Mensline (24 hours) 1300 789 978
Mental Health Emergency Response Line 1300 555 788
Reachout www.reachout.com
Rural Link 1800 552 002
One Life WA www.onelifewa.com.au