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Board of Directors

Michael Petrossian

Michael is an experienced business person, with qualifications in Electronics (Communications) Engineering and an MBA (Marketing major). His career has been diverse and includes several roles in general management, product development & commercialisation, business re-engineering and sales & marketing. Michael’s interest in radio began in first job as Manufacturing Manager of a company that built turnkey radio station electronics and has continued with his love of all things audio.  Michael is an active member of Lifestreams Church in Como.

Elson Goh

Elson has been in the financial planning profession for more than two decades, having previously worked with major banks and boutique firms. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Life Risk Specialist® with the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) and runs his own financial planning practice. He has lectured at Curtin University for more than two decades; nine years in financial planning as a senior lecturer and is currently an instructor (Finance) in the Faculty of Business and Law. Elson contributes to ABC, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Sunday Times, PerthNow, 720AM, and is a regular guest on Sonshine. He serves in Nations Church and enjoys running, wood working and exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two teenage kids.

Pamela Elsmore (PJ)

PJ is the WA Office Manager at The Smith Family, but also volunteers for the organisation in a variety of ways. Further, she volunteers at her tennis club where she is a member and is involved in a couple of different prison ministries on a regular basis. Although PJ’s main gift is administration, she has been a primary music teacher and piano teacher, is trained in graphic and public space design, has a Graduate Diploma in Ministry from Tabor College and has a double diploma in Business and Management. PJ brings to the Board skills in business, problem solving, listening and strategising, with a heart to support and grow the mission of Sonshine FM.

Rob Furlong

Rob joined Woodvale Baptist in 2017, having previously served at Thornlie Church of Christ and Baptist Churches of WA as a Pastoral Consultant. He is passionate about leadership development, mission and God’s Word and has extensive experience in teaching, training and preaching to leaders and church members. Rob is married to Karen and together they have four children and 15 grandchildren. He loves to read, cook and take bike rides with Karen.

Clinton House

Clinton has been involved in digital transformation and innovation for over a decade, having founded his own successful technology company in the field of IoT and big data analytics. Clinton has been recognised with a number of personal accolades including ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, ‘Innovator of the Year’ and the national ‘ICT Digital Disruptors Award’. Clinton is passionate about emerging technologies and their application through product and business transformation. He is married with two daughters and has a heart for opportunity identification in a new media landscape.

Brenda Hogg

Brenda studied commerce and law and is principal of her own law practice which she started in 2008. She also has a post-graduate qualification in theology and is actively involved in the ministry, mission and leadership of St Philips Anglican Church in Cottesloe.  There Brenda assists and leads a number of ministries and has served on the Parish Council since 2002. She preaches occasionally at St Philips and regularly teaches at women’s events run by St Philips and other churches. Brenda has a real heart for the Station and its positive influence in a world that needs to hear a message of hope.

Bevan Jones

Bevan Jones has over 23 years sales experience, and 15 years experience in business management. In the four years before he came to Sonshine FM he specialised in change management within the Industrial and Mining sales sector. Before taking on the role as Sonshine CEO, Bevan was a ‘volunteer’ casual weekend announcer with 98.5 Sonshine FM for over 10 years. His specific skills are in team leadership and change management and he adopts a ‘coaching’ style of management. Bevan and his family worship at Red Door Community Church and are very involved in the Lakeside Lightning Basketball ministry. He is married to Catherine and has three active boys. Bevan began his role as General Manager in May 2011.


Members of Good News Broadcasters Inc. can become members of various committees run by Sonshine that are involved with the strategic and overall direction of the station.

You need to be a member to join the committees, and to be a member you first need to be a subscriber of Good News Broadcasters. Please visit our Membership and subscriptions page to find out more information.

Our currently available committees are the Programming Committee and the Churches Advisory Committee.

Programming Committee

Programming Committee Guidelines (revised March 2022)

Purpose: To evaluate, decide and respond to program proposals and requests for access for specialized programs.


– Program Committee made up of Content Director, another staff member, Board member, and minimum four volunteers that are subscribers or members.

– Meetings will be held electronically by email as soon as show submission material is ready. PC members are encouraged to respond to the submission within one week and it is requested that a decision from the Committee can be shared with the submitters within 3 weeks of submission.

– All proposals, submissions and requests must be received in writing/email/fax.

– Responses to be made within a reasonable time frame.

– All email correspondence by the PC members will be kept in a Programming Committee folder and made available when requested. The record of correspondence is considered as accurate minutes.


All submissions will be considered in reference to:

– The ‘Codes of Practice’ as published by the Community Broadcasting association of Australia.

– The suitability to our ‘Community of Interest’ as governed by the broadcasting guidelines eg The Church community of Western Australia.

– The intent of the Broadcasting Act of 1992 by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

– The ‘Undertaking’ given to ACMA by Good News Broadcasters, August 2010.

– The stated mission and values of Sonshine.

– The availability of broadcast/air time.

– The availability of resources to create and sustain the program on a regular basis.

Desired outcomes:

– To oversee the appropriate filtering and monitoring process that ensures that content and programs meet with community expectations and comply with the regulatory requirements of ACMA and CBAA.

– To increase community participation in the preparation/production/delivery of content and programs.

– To ensure that the content and programs presented through the medium of radio and related media always reflect and communicate to the listening public the promoted values and ethos of Sonshine.

Churches Advisory Committee

Each Christian denomination that indicates support for the Association shall be invited to nominate a single representative (such a person being supportive of the aims of the Association and also a Member of the Association) to be a member of the ‘Churches Advisory Committee’ (CAC), and the persons from time to time so appointed shall constitute such committee.

At their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting of the Association, the committee shall elect a chairperson who shall hold office for the ensuing twelve months, and shall represent the Churches Advisory Committee at meetings of the Board of Management with no vote, but, with the right to speak on matters pertaining to the Churches Advisory Committee, with the right to be present at most business and to ask questions on behalf of the Churches Advisory Committee, but, with the Board of Management also having the opportunity to discuss matters without the Churches Advisory Committee representative being present.

The chair shall be rotated through the members of the Churches Advisory Committee where possible. The Churches Advisory Committee will meet at least every three months or from time to time as they decide, and a copy of the minutes of each meeting shall be forwarded to the chairperson of the Board of Management. Secretarial help will be provided by the Association.

The functions of the Churches Advisory Committee are to advise the Association:

  • of any ‘feedback’ received from the Church as a whole in regard to programming or other matters by forwarding same together with their recommendation for action;
  • of ways to actively encourage bonding between churches and the Association;
  • of ways to encourage local church financial support for the Association;
  • of the availability of opportunities of church liaison and deputation by the Association;
  • by providing information to the Association of any available relevant expertise within the churches that would be of value to the Association;
  • by informing the Association of the availability of suitable interviewees either in or visiting the listening area;
  • regarding assisting local country Christian groups seeking to obtain a community broadcasting licence

The Committee will also support the Association by prayer, encourage the local church assemblies to do so, and generally liaise with the Christian community to ensure as far as possible that the needs of the public at large are brought to the attention of the Association.

Program Guide