To engage the people of WA with the positive message of hope in Jesus Christ

Sonshine and Sonshine Extra are a God-inspired, donor-empowered mission that aims to bring the positive message of hope and the life-changing wisdom of God to every household in Perth, Western Australia and beyond.

We believe the commitment of our prayer and financial supporters are the lifeline that keeps the messages of hope on air, and online 24 hours a day and changes lives forever.

Sonshine broadcasts to more than 224,000 listeners weekly, through FM, DAB+ and online, while we receive over 240,000 interactions each month through our website and social media. There are countless stories of lives being changed for the better by simply listening to our music, words of wisdom and compassion, and practical teaching programs that are broadcast every day.

We are committed to making Sonshine Extra a 24-hour-a-day ‘inspiration and celebration’ station, broadcasting the God-inspired words of the Christian leaders of Perth every hour, together with inspirational music and practical lessons on life, relationship building and encouraging family and friends.

Sonshine aims to be the number one family station in Perth and Western Australia! Turn on to many FM radio stations and you will hear crude language and themes, inappropriate messages through music, advertising and announcers, and often morals that don’t reflect our own. We want to be a shining light for all families that are striving to raise confident, healthy, happy and well-adjusted children who are our bright future. Listeners can hear up-to-date music, announcers, advertising and life lessons that will comfort, encourage and inspire.

We aim to be a constantly improving mission that is inclusive of volunteers and open to the community. We work in partnership with churches, aid and community support organisations to help change the lives of people here in Perth, Western Australia and around the world.


These are the values that all staff, board and management at Sonshine hold true:

Serving – Sonshine is built on the sacrifices of men and women who gave themselves freely to the cause of establishing a radio station that would make Christ known every day of every month of every year. As they gave of themselves then, so we give of ourselves now. As they were committed and fiercely loyal to keeping the message of hope on the air, so are we.

Professionalism – We consider all alternatives and deliver excellent outcomes for the good of the station and the message it delivers. Our attitude is about efficiency, effort and effectiveness.

IntegrityOur purpose is to do what is right, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of others.
2 Corinthians 8:21 GNT

Community – Communities function by communication. Our unity is preserved as we communicate in appropriate ways that serve to genuinely seek first to understand before being understood, to empathise and in the process, search for the win/win solution.

Creativity – We passionately pursue creativity and continually grow with ideas as they materialise. We serve a God of creativity, and as we seek Him and His ways, so we become more creative.

The characteristics we strive to grow in our own lives are compassion, integrity, respect, loyalty, humility, unity, kindness, teachability, joyfulness, efficiency, consistency, reliability, dependability, accountability, honesty, transparency, tolerance, encouragement, equality, optimism, ownership, passion, fearlessness, flexibility and love.