Most Important Pieces of Farming Equipment

Starting up a farm takes a lot of investment, but surely it pays off handsomely. If you are planning to start up a small farm and wondering about some of the top most essential equipment that is must buy, then give a look at the following list. Well, do not buy anything in haste or every little item related to farming you see. Doing that will definitely waste your money and you’ll stack up unnecessary stuff in the shed. First hand, go for some quality equipment that is compulsory to get your farm going at a smooth pace.

  1. Compact Tractor or Utility Vehicle

Compact utility tractors serve the same function as the agricultural or utility tractor but are smaller in size. Compact tractors are significantly designed for digging, landscaping, snow removal activity and other various maintenance purposes.
Green Combine Harvester

These tractors can also work very well with different sort of attachments and tools, serving as a front-end loader, grader blade, rotary filler, hole digger, box blade, mowing the lawn, setting of fence posts, pushing snow and tonnes more. This versatile and extremely beneficial equipment is perfect for a small sized farm. A compact tractor is also good for doing heavy functioning, such as baling hay, transferring heavy supplies and others. It is available as 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler design options. For a small farm, 2 Wheeler works perfectly well, but if you are living in a snowy weather area, or suffer through muddy conditions more often than 4 Wheeler is a much better option to go for.

  1. Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are extremely vital to set up a farm. This equipment makes it insanely easy to move anything. There is no hassle of picking the load up, instead just slide the plate under your load tip it up on the truck, then just slide the wheels forward to wherever you want to unload the weight. Hand trucks or also called as stack tracks, trolley trucks, trolleys, box carts, bag burrows, or two wheelers, can help lift up and move fertilisers, electronic equipment, small tools, seeds, plants and much more.

  1. Livestock Trailer

For any farmer who is going to have a large pack of livestock including horses, cows, yaks, llamas or other, then getting a livestock or stock trailer is a must have.

Cows Grazing On Farm

This trailer will help you to move your animals from one place to other when needed and you won’t have to pay an extra hiring amount for that purpose. Other than animal trips, livestock trailer serves as a random stock trailer as well. You can quite easily carry lumber, animal feed, firewood and haul. You can also move other heavy duty items such as hauling furniture, van, storage shed, or any other household item.

Once you have it in your farm’s equipment, you’ll get to use it every now and then, and sure animal moving is, of course, its primary purpose.

  1. Manure Spreader

The manure spreader is a 2 wheeled tractor tired wagon or an automated self- drawn 4 wheeled equipment. The existence of manure spreader in the farming industry dates back since the beginning of agriculture.

If you are planning to have livestock at your farm, then having a manure spreader is very essential. The manure spreader is designed to thoroughly spread a thin layer of accumulated manure all over the farm. An evenly spread manure increases the fertility of soil, reduces contamination and surely removes the piled up accumulation of manure. Otherwise, it is awfully difficult to manage the animal waste properly.

  1. Compost Turner

Also called as Compost window Turner, this farming equipment serves the most important function of all, helping the environment-friendly practice of composting, by reducing the burden of the harmful landfill; while promoting a healthy growth of plants, crop yield, and also enhancing the soil structure.

Wheat Crop

Composting not only benefit your own farm rather it helps in the elimination of waste from the environment. For composting process to go perfectly, all the raw materials must be mixed really well in the beginning. A well-blended mixture along with occasional mixing and agitating will do a tremendous help in decomposition and composting. For these functions of agitation, blending and proper mixing, Compost Turner is the perfect farming equipment to go for. It has gained gradual popularity and has replaced the time and more effort consuming manual for-lift truck, that was used for mixing and blending the raw material. Compost Turner has not only improved the mixing purpose but has also tremendously improved the compost quality, and decomposition time.


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