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Top trends to Watch in the DJ industry Across the Globe

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Computer Applications and Software  Swiftly Taking Over the Old- School DJ Mixing

CD stalwarts and Vinyl junkies surely hold the best position in the DJ industry for so long and are still striving absolutely well, but the change is obvious in every industry. With the boom in technology and advancements in the hi-tech industry, every walk of life has been touched by the effects of these booming technological trends and computational progression, somewhere swiftly and somewhere readily. Not only a few, rather a great many numbers of sound mixing computer applications have come into the DJ business, and have evolved enormously, making this industry to thrive more brightly. Such an amazing, high quality and cool collection of applications enable the jokies to mix and match not only two decks nut up to 4 decks in most of the cases.
DJ don’t need anything else if they’ve got DJ controller. The digital collection of songs, mixing features of the software and DJing with turntables are enough to make the crowd go wild. Here are top 10 DJ mixing software available in the market, that will give you a wide range of mixing the beats, with a user-friendly interface.

1.CuteDJ– This DJ mixing software smoothly mixes the audio, karaoke, and music video efficiently on the Windows and Mac. This mixer allows the DJ to do remixes, use scratches and also to scratch discs to the last played track. With this software, the DJ can instantly match beats and two tracks without sounding it obvious. This tool is superficially cool and allows a seamless transition between tracks, including precise beat syncing, subtle and smooth mixing, making it perfectly ideal for building an upbeat and chained musical environment of a party. This highly efficient software make the DJ life automated, easy and bring more advancements in the DJ industry.
2.PCDJ DEX– This is the best DJ mixing software to bring out some loud noise and happening feel in any type of party. PCDJ DEX is one of its kind computer application that is fully loaded with numerous cool functionalities and amazing characteristics that make it extremely easy to make several mixes, the creation of electronic music, thus allowing an easy combination of different tracks of varying beats and also making it seamless to add sound effects. All in all, this software superbly enhance the DJing skills and revolutionize this business with utter charm.
3.OtsAV DJ– This Premiere AV Software is professional based digital media system that can be used by broadcasters, music and video solution providers. It provides excellent automation, fully manual control, and has evolved in technology marvellously since 1999. Its features include virtual searching effects, automated mixing of different beats, extended volume management, highly integrated dynamic processor, daily, and hourly scheduling of songs. This system allows quick access to the songs by importing various audio files into the searchable library, and you can play specific songs of any particular genera by just a single click.

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4.DJ Mixer Pro– Allowing easy mash-up of upbeat songs of different genres, with just a single mouse drag, this software provides an extremely simple program to DJs, making their own skills to work efficiently well.

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5.Virtual DJ– Its new “Sandbox” feature has certainly changed the game, as it allows the DJ to make next mix, while the audience is still enjoying the previous mix. The new version V8 can play unlimited samples, all in a single go, including audios, video songs or images. Exclusive to V8 is the built in a plethora of editors in the menu.
6.Serato DJ– A laptop, mixer and this amazing DJ software are all you need to turn up the party scene. It has exceptional beat mixing and beat mapping characteristics with highly efficient real- time controls, and simple to use interface.
7.Zulu– This professional system software is provided by NCH Software, which also provides MP3 Converter, CD ripper, and a whole range of music editing systems along with it. This software allows the DJ to digitize the vinyl records, convert audio files and multi-track the music.
8.MixVibes– This Cross DJ system allows to mix up 8 cue points and 4 tracks, and is efficient with iOS or Android devices.
9.Deckadance– Enormous features of this software makes the mix unique and just perfect to make the mood of the party. MIDI controller having many equalizer sliders, many knobs for looping and fading, filters and other options make the work extremely professional and fun.
10.Traktor Pro– It’s music waveforms is colour coded, helping the DJ to differentiate all the different elements of the song, and let the DJ set 8 cue points. Thus making the mixing of songs and jumping from one track to another seamless and smooth.

Use of DDJ-SB2 Controller

The pioneer DDJ-SB2 is the number pick of DJs, and with its latest versions in the market, it’s scene is on. It a 2 channel and 4 deck mixer, with dedicated filter, and knob for each channel. It allows fading, mixing, and setting of songs easily with a pad transform FX.To get the best performance of DDj-SB2 controller one should try the JD’s speakers with it.

Immense Growth of Portablism

Currently, among many other popular turntables, the Numark’s PT01 is the most trendy one. This is a belt driven, and battery operated mixing system. Came into the business with the portability movement, this surely has become the primary choice of many, as it allows the modern group of young turntablists to perform and show off their skills whenever and wherever they want to, by just a simple use of the MP3 player, standalone crossfader, and a record.

Bass Heavy Tracks

The Brazilian bass is new in the game, and have taken over the party game with amazement and fun. Deep house is surely there with great success and popularity, but on the festive occasions, chill out parties, or clubs, background music of Brazilian bass set the booming mood of the party. The remixes of the Brazilian bass will be the best DJ tools in future.