Here at 98five, we love to see the impact school chaplains are making for children and youth across our state. We’re so excited to see that more support is being given to these important workers around Australia.

YouthCARE has recently welcomed an announcement from the new Federal Government, pledging support for school chaplaincy with the addition of student welfare workers being introduced to the program. This builds upon the additional support YouthCARE’s school chaplaincy program received from our current State Government last year, and previous State Governments in WA.

YouthCARE welcomes Federal Government announcement pledging support for school chaplaincy

YouthCARE CEO Tamsyn Cullingford.

YouthCARE CEO Tamsyn Cullingford says chaplains play an important role in our community. “For over 40 years, YouthCARE’s school chaplains have made a vital contribution by supporting the wellbeing of students and school communities as part of the school’s wider welfare support program. The work of our chaplains has been critical in supporting school communities. Especially during the height of the COVID-19 challenges faced by our community.”

Staff, students and YouthCARE Chaplain Mitch from Churchlands High School, joined 98five’s Breakfast Show live on air for Free Coffee Friday. December 2021.


YouthCARE looks forward to working with the Federal Minister as it looks to continue the growth of school chaplaincy in WA.

How have you seen school chaplains make a positive impact? Do you know someone who works as a chaplain?  Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials.