Ever wondered why you don’t find yourself sneezing up a storm while catching those Zs? It’s a curious little quirk of our biology.

You see, during the day, your body might decide to let out a sneeze or two to get rid of pesky allergens or fend off a cold virus. But when you’re deep in the land of dreams, sneezing takes a back seat. Why? Well, it turns out your body has its own built-in snooze button for sneezing.

When you’re in the glorious realm of REM sleep, those nerves responsible for triggering sneezes take a chill pill too. That means, even if there’s something tickling your nose, your brain stays blissfully unaware, sparing you from midnight sneezing fits.

Now, you might wonder, “But hey, I swear I’ve sneezed in my sleep before!” Chances are, that happened during the lighter stages of sleep when you’re not fully in dreamland yet or when you’re starting to wake up naturally. It’s like your body’s way of saying, “Hey, we’re not quite asleep yet, so let’s get that sneeze out!”

Scientists are still unraveling the mysteries behind this phenomenon, exploring why our sneezes take a hiatus during the night and how our body knows to hit the snooze button on other urges like hiccups, hunger, thirst, and even bathroom breaks. Our bodies sure know how to keep things interesting, don’t they?

Check out the full conversation with Bec and Asa below! Sweet Dreams everyone!