Would you throw away a million dollars if you had it? Seems ridiculous right? Well, did you know approximately 530 million 10¢ containers, are still being lost to landfill every year in WA? That’s 53 million dollars that could be going into the pockets of our community, schools or charities – like Sonshine.

According to Containers For Change, research shows a lot of the containers still being thrown away are plastic water bottles, often drunk on the go, where limited recycling options are available. We’d recommend taking those bottles home with you so you can return them to your local Containers for Change exchange point. Better still, drop them in at Sonshine, as we collect them to help raise funds for the station.

If you’re returning them to an exchange point we’d love for you to consider using our Scheme ID C10357849. That way your containers benefit your favourite radio station!

Our self-appointed sustainability warrior is Siew Yee, Sonshine’s admin officer. If you’ve ever called or visited us, there’s a good chance it was Siew Yee’s smiley face and welcoming voice that greeted you. Siew Yee introduced the Sonshine team to Containers For Change, adding a recycling bag in the kitchen where we can put our eligible bottles and cans. She says it’s such an easy thing to do! “It’s a small, simple way we can help reduce landfill AND as a not-for-profit it’s a great way for us to raise a few extra dollars.”

So, to support Sonshine and help the environment, remember to collect your bottles and cans, and quote our scheme ID next time you visit your local exchange point.

Scheme ID: C10357849