The ongoing conflict in Sudan has led to approximately 1.3 million people being displaced across Sudan and half a million people fleeing across the border to neighbouring countries for safety. Many of whom are women, children and older people.

Those Sudanese refugees arriving in surrounding countries have experienced dire humanitarian conditions, struggling to access food, water and health services. Many have also been caught in the crossfire and require medical attention. Susan Cullinan, the Communications Coordinator of the International Federation of Red Cross, is currently based in Kenya. She is assisting those refugees who have fled Sudan and shared her experience with Leah on Table Talk.

“There are more than one and a half million people that have just had to uproot and leave. They’re going to improvised camps, or staying with families or centres that have been just set up to try to manage the influx. These are places where you’ll find the Sudan Red Crescent doing absolutely incredible work. There are also an additional half a million people that have fled that have crossed over the borders to the six neighbouring countries. These are also being met by local Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff. They’re welcoming them at borders providing first aid, psychological support food water, and shelter. That number is expected to increase to 1 million by the end of October.”

For more information on the Sudan crisis and how you can help visit their website. Listen to the full conversation below.