Bec and Jeziel shared some of the latest trending topics.

Woolworth is selling ‘tearless’ onions.

There may be a solution to the pain of those horrid onion-induced tears. Woolworths are now selling Tearless Onions! These onions claim to be less irritating to your eyes, so you won’t cry. Normal onions irritate our eyes because they release natural chemicals and enzymes that irritate our eyes when we cut into them. But Tearless Onions have fewer of these tear-inducing compounds, and the chemicals continue to diminish after they’re harvested. But they are yet to be sold in WA.

Rabbits have overrun a suburban Florida community.

Dozens of domesticated bunnies have overrun parts of a community in Florida. Two years after a resident let rabbits loose from their backyard, the number of rabbits now outnumbers the 81 homes in the neighbourhood. Some residents have threatened to shoot the animals or feed them to their snakes. While others are concerned about the rabbits’ safety and are raising money to save them. East Coast Rabbit Rescue is rescuing and rehoming the bunnies. The group managed to rescue 19 rabbits on Friday, three of which are pregnant. They will need at least $40,000 to capture, neuter, vaccinate and microchip all the rabbits. So far they have raised over half of that goal.