An Australian mum was tired of her housemates stealing her groceries. She confronted them about the missing food, but no one came forward as the culprit and the theft continued.

Image: Facebook/ Womens Advice and Banter

She explained her ‘unorthodox’ solution in an online post. “A $1 Woolies bag and a padlock…Just tie the handles together heaps and make sure it’s super tight then padlock the tops together. Then you can’t untie it and no one can steal the food unless they cut open the bag, which is super obvious.”

Since using the bags and padlocks, she hasn’t had anything else get stolen or go missing. “Very happy so I wanted to share this idea in case anyone else had my problem and can use my solution,” she added.

Image: Facebook/ Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

Turns out she isn’t the only person with food going missing. One worker had to resort to padlocking her lunch bag to stop her colleagues from eating her food. “A $12 Lunch Bag from Kmart, $5 lock, never having your lunch stolen again priceless!” She said in an online post

Has someone stolen your lunch before? Listen to Bec and Asa’s chat below!