So, you joined Threads… now what?

Meta’s Twitter dupe… (I mean Threads), landed with a bang this month (100 million sign ups in just a few days) and if you work in social media, you probably joined and lived on the warmth of hope and positivity that was the first two weeks of content on a new platform.

I saw people get it right with snappy one liner’s, culture relevant content, and old school memes. And people get it wrong with PR, click on my website, and buy from me content. So now what? Only time will tell, but Threads content is skewed towards the witty, so if you can’t do that well, maybe sit this one out.

For now, the platform is creating communities and conversations, and leaning into creators rather than brands. Threads is a clever writer’s paradise that should be used to complement your more curated Instagram account.

Listen to Leah’s chat with Nicole Jameson, Digital Strategist & Director of Dark Horse Agency, about Threads and Twitter.