Are you a Perth local on the quest for love? Well, brace yourself because the dating scene here might not be a walk in the park.

According to recent research, finding love in Perth seems to be a tad tougher compared to the rest of the Aussie capitals. But hey, don’t let the stats dim your hopes just yet! Perth holds the title of the hardest capital city in Australia to find love. The study delivered a tough blow, revealing that only 30% of the city’s population is flying solo. Add to that, when it comes to date venues, Perth isn’t exactly overflowing with choices either. The count stands at 7.58 restaurants per 10,000 people, placing it at the bottom of the list for date venues among major Australian cities.

But fear not, dear Perthians, as the dating game is not all doom and gloom. For those feeling disheartened by these statistics, Canberra emerges as the shining light for love seekers, earning the crown as the easiest city in Australia to find romance. With a higher percentage of the population—33% to be exact—flying solo, it’s seemingly a more promising ground for those seeking their special someone.

The study crunched numbers, taking into account the density of singles, the availability of bars, and the abundance of restaurants to compile the ranking of the best dating capitals. Unsurprisingly, cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney made it to the top 10, showcasing better odds for those struck by the cupid’s arrow. Now, what about Perth? Unfortunately, the city found itself ranked at the 13th spot in terms of the ease of finding love. Behind Newcastle, Geelong, Cairns, and Townsville, it’s a bit of a bummer for the West Coast romantics.

But hey, all is not lost. These statistics might indicate a tougher path, but love has a funny way of blossoming in the most unexpected places. Don’t let numbers define your romantic fate. Sometimes, the most magical connections happen when you least expect it. So, while the stats might not be in Perth’s favour, remember that the heart wants what it wants and love often finds a way.

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