Have you ever felt so frustrated with your job that you just want to quit and apply for any other job you can find?

This impulsive behaviour, known as rage applying, might seem tempting but can have some serious consequences. “Rage applying is almost like a reactive response. It’s driven by a desire for immediate change because you’re stressed, burnt out, or dissatisfied with your job.” Psychologist Dr. Marny Lishman explained.

People who frequently rage apply might find themselves feeling more anxious, losing sleep, and stuck in a cycle of stress. “If you’re just constantly looking for other jobs, those feelings are not being released. You’re actually going to become more stressed and more anxious and lose sleep over it. Which ends up putting you in that spiral of poor mental health.”

Impulsive decisions can also affect your professional reputation and future job prospects. “Accepting a job quickly without much thought can place you in the wrong position,” warned Dr. Lishman. Instead of rage applying, she suggested having conversations with colleagues or bosses about your feelings and the changes you need.

Employers also have a responsibility to ensure their employees’ well-being. A supportive workplace culture can significantly reduce the urge to rage apply. Employers should listen to their employees’ needs, whether it’s for professional development, career advancement, or better work-life balance.

Dr. Lishman also highlighted the importance of self-care. “Notice how you feel and take action.” This could involve problem-solving, communicating with your employer, and working on your mindset. Relaxation, spending time with friends, and physical activity are also crucial for maintaining your well-being.

Listen to Dr. Marny Lishman’s full conversation with Jo below.