Jeziel and his wife Kim went to Costco to do some grocery shopping. But their son Malachi had fallen asleep and they didn’t want to wake him. So Kim stayed in the car with Malachi while Jeziel went in to do the shopping. When he finished and came outside he couldn’t find their car anywhere. “Sometimes our son wakes up and the only way to get him back to sleep is to quickly jump in the car and drive. So I’m sitting there like oh that’s what Kim would have done.” He couldn’t call her because he left his phone in the car so he sat there and waited in the rain. After a while, he was going to ask a stranger if he could use their phone to call Kim. “I’m about to do that but then I think I should check one last time. I walk five metres. There’s the car. Exactly where I parked it!” He had been waiting for nothing.

Kailyn was turning left at a traffic light but the cars in front of her weren’t moving. After five minutes she realised they were parked cars and she was in the wrong lane. “I was like what is going on? Like, am I missing something? And eventually, my client is like, I don’t think we should be standing here because this is a parking area.”

Darcy was also turning at a traffic light but it wouldn’t turn green. The line of cars behind her was growing longer and longer then she realised what the problem was. The car at the front of the lane was too far away from the line. “I go up to her and it was the weirdest thing because she wouldn’t look at me. She wouldn’t roll down her window and I was like, You need to scoot up. Somehow she took my sign language and she rolled her car up. Then the light turned green and the guy behind me was giving me a thumbs up.”

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