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Heated debate sparked over an ‘unspoken’ rule for where men and women should sit on a date.

Thousands are divided over an ‘unspoken rule’ many couples say they abide by in restaurants.  Women claim they deserve the booth seat on a date. Many said there are practical reasons for women sitting on the booth chair like having somewhere to put their bags. While men chimed in saying they prefer to be positioned facing the door to ‘protect’ their spouse in an emergency.

Who takes the booth seat during a date?

Scientists bid to mimic life on Mars in a cave in North Yorkshire in England.


The researchers have built a laboratory 1000m under the ground in a bid to find how astronauts will be able to cope on the Red Planet. The team have created a hub similar to that constructed by Matt Damon’s stranded character in the 2015 film The Martian. Professor Sean Paling, who is running the project for the Boulby Underground Laboratory, said: “The project promises to help answer key logistical questions in establishing sustainable living conditions in remote, subterranean environments.”