Ed Sheeran just dropped the mic on a whole new level of fan love. The man himself has unveiled the first-ever fan-made music video from his latest album, Autumn Variations.

The lucky chosen one was Beatriz Santamaria Pinha from the land of samba and sunshine – Brazil! Out of thousands of submissions, she snagged the golden ticket to create the visuals for Ed’s track “That’s On Me.”

Ed handpicked 14 directors to give his tunes a visual treat, each one representing a different country. Beatriz’s creation is a rollercoaster of emotions and laughs as Alger Steele, a bored and uninspired biker, takes center stage in a video that’s as funny as it is heart-tugging.

Kudos to Beatriz and the global squad of directors, and major props to Ed Sheeran for turning the spotlight on the talent of his fans.

Check out what Bec and BT had to say below.