Jeziel’s wife spent ages making a pie for a Christmas party. Only to drop it on the floor when they arrived at their friend’s house. “They opened the door to go hey guys welcome and there is just pie all over their pavement…We did still eat it.”

Julia and her husband were tasked with transporting a French patisserie tower to Rottnest on the ferry. It was a particularly rough journey and everyone was vomiting. “My husband and I had to rugby tackle people away from the croquembouche to make sure we could get it to Rottnest safely.”

Adalynn bought some chicken carbonara put it in her backpack and rode her bike home. But the containers broke and when she got home it had spilled all through her bag. She couldn’t save any of it and had to call it a loss. “I didn’t want to ride that far again.”

Moreen made tomato soup for her bible study group and put it in her car. But when she got there the pot fell over and the soup spilled everywhere. “My car smelled like beautiful tomato and basil soup. It took a while for the car not to smell like that.”

Charlie was driving home from a friend’s farm with a 10-litre milk carton. But he had to hit the brakes hard and the milk spilled everywhere “It was plastered all over the car it was absolutely disgusting. Every time we turned the heater on, it smelled of cheese! We often give people free lifts and they were not enjoying it.”

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