In a world where people are named after everything from mythological figures to favourite fruits, we’ve all come to accept that names can be pretty outlandish. But what happens when you’ve been dating someone for two years, and you find out that their name, is not what you thought it was?

So, this guy was happily dating his girlfriend, and everything seemed to be going well until he discovered her real name. For two whole years, he thought her name was Lauren, a pretty ordinary name, right? Wrong! She had been going by “Loz” which he assumed was short for Lauren. But her actual name was… drumroll, please… Lozenge! No, just joking, her name actually is Lauren but her parents had decided to adopt an unusual spelling.

Her name is actually spelled “Lawr-ryn.” That’s right, an apostrophe right in the middle of her name and some alternate letters, just to keep things interesting.

But the real twist came when we delved deeper into her family’s naming traditions. Lauren’s younger sister, Percy, spelled her name as “P-e-r-c-y” in all her texts and cards, but the actual spelling? “Pur-see.” Then there’s the older brother, whose name should have been Daniel, but they went with “Dhan-iyel”. Seriously, what were the parents thinking?

But the big question remains: Can you just toss in symbols and random letters into your name? Let’s take a look at the baby naming restrictions that are in place in Australia:

  • not be obscene or offensive or contrary to public interest
  • be short and easy to write
  • not include symbols without phonetic significance such as N@talie, Da!sy, J#ke) or use numerals
  • not include or resemble an official title or military rank recognised in Australia such as King, Lady, Father, Prince, Sir or Admiral.
  • use English letters only;
  • not be similar to a recognised body, organisation or trademark; and
  • In Queensland, the name can’t include a statement, like Save Mother Earth or Down with Capitalism.

In the end, is having a unique name all it’s cracked up to be? We’d love to hear from you! Do you have a uniquely spelled name, or did you give your children a unique spelling? Should we change our names to Aye-scer and Reh-beckah? Listen to the full chat below and send us a message on socials!