In a shocking discovery Bec found a statistic online that revealed 3% of people only wash their bath towels once a year… once a year!! Bec and Asa tried to understand the logic behind this habit, wondering “maybe they think, ‘I’m clean after the shower, so my towel doesn’t get dirty’…”, but came to accept that it was probably a matter of laziness.

We've been washing our towels wrong! Cleaning expert reveals method to prevent crustinessBut if you’re someone who washes your towels regularly, you might have come up against a mighty irritating post-wash outcome: the dreaded dry and crusty towel.

So how do we keep our towels fluffy and plush?

An online cleaning expert has revealed that we are not supposed to use detergent when washing bath towels. In a video published to her Tiktok account, Ann Russell states that plain water will do the job. Over time, detergent buildup can make towels feel stiff and slightly itchy. Ann explains that detergent is only necessary when there’s a visible issue on the towel, and even then – use it sparingly!

There’s always something new to learn, even about the most everyday tasks – especially when you listen to The Bec Show with Asa! Catch up on the whole conversation below: