Sonshine’s Relationships Team, Lauren McDonald, Sarah Gibson and Rodney Olsen

Over the past 12 months Sonshine has intentionally grown its Relationships team as we look towards a future where we are far more connected with our community; our listeners, our supporters, churches, community groups and other ministries. Over the past few years, our vision has seen us move steadily towards being a “media ministry” not just a “radio ministry”, and a major area of growth has been our connectedness within the community of Perth and WA.

The organisation has become a key “connector” for many communities including churches, not-for-profits, community groups, businesses and individuals. A number of initiatives and events have been developed where many of these different community groups come together for a common goal or purpose. For churches, Sonshine is the ‘neutral space’ where all denominations can come together; for community service and not-for-profit organisations, Sonshine is able to galvanise its community to have a positive impact into the people they serve. For those who engage with the ministry on air and via the many digital platforms it’s a space where they can connect with faith, family and community.

We’d love to visit more local churches and community organisations to let you know how you can be a part of our growing vision; how we can partner with you to share the things you’re doing in your local community, and how you can partner with us to share Sonshine’s vision and mission with the people you serve. There are so many opportunities for us to work together. If you’d like to have our Relationships team visit you please complete the form below, or pass this page on to your pastor or church leaders.

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