The Matildas beat Ireland in the first match at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. But those watching the broadcast noticed some disappointing commentary.

Channel 7 sports commentator, David Basheer, has been slammed after making a comment about Katrina Gorry. “The smile says it all from Katrina Gorry. Certainly, motherhood has not blunted her competitive instincts, that’s for sure.”


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“Can the male commentating the Matildas’ Ireland game please refrain from suggesting it’s great a player’s competitive instinct hasn’t changed since she had a child?” writer Dr Victoria Fielding wrote.

But Kirste and Dan were unsure if this comment was sexist and asked listeners to chime in with their opinion.

“I don’t think he meant anything by it. But personally, this would irk me. Maybe because I grew up with two older brothers.”

“I don’t think it’s sexist, but I do think it’s a really silly comment. Would he say something about a man who had just become a father? I think it’s discrediting men to assume there’s more of an emotional impact on the mother of a new baby than on the father. Not at all invalidating the physical impact on women. I’ve been there four times, and that’s massive. But in my mind, it’s just a very strange thing to say.”