Homes have been destroyed and many more are under threat as an out of control bushfire continues to wreak havoc in the Northern Perth Suburbs of the city of Wanneroo and Swan.

Thousands of residents in the areas of BANKSIA GROVE, JANDABUP, MARIGINIUP, MELALEUCA, SINAGRA and TAPPING have been forced to evacuate their homes, with people East of Pinjar Road told “it’s too late to leave, leaving now will put your life in danger”.

More than 120 Firefighters are attempting to control the blaze but their efforts are being hampered by the severe unseasonal November heatwave and strong winds.

Rob Furlong, Pastor or Woodvale Baptist Church, which is situated just on the cusp of the firezone, is leading the charge in organising a relief effort for those who’ve been affected by the fires.

He said they “welcome any help the Sonshine family would like to offer” but watch this space as it is an evolving situation and we’re still getting clarity of what’s required.

Listen to the full conversation from Mike’s chat with Rob Furlong on Table Talk.