Last week, Kirste and Dan got to chat with Shelley Craft, co-host of The Block. This morning they got to ask WA contestants Kyle and Leslie about their experience on the show.

What motivated you to join The Block?

“We wanted to renovate ourselves. So this was great, because it’s not our money that we renovating with. It was good and just a little bit of adventure. Like we were always about just having a go and like what’s the worst that can happen?”

How do you think you guys are going to go working as a team, with all the pressures of a show?

“Our dynamics are pretty good. But you’ve got 10 different people and then five different couple dynamics and you’re all doing the same thing but differently. Even for us to watch it back we’re going to see everyone have such a different journey.”

Does last year’s auction scare you?

“Your mentality has to be that you enjoy the experience and you got good dinner party stories to tell out of it. You can’t have that mindset that you’re going to get something because if you don’t, yeah, I feel like that’s worse.”

Okay, we have to talk about last night’s episode…the Lego on the floor…a parent’s worsts nightmare to step on. What made you do it? 

“I don’t regret it because it would have been an empty space. Kids do lie on the floor and play Lego. This is what they’re doing in their room laying on the floor playing Lego.”

You can watch The Block at 7:30pm from Sunday to Wednesday nights on Channel 9 and 9Now. Listen to the full chat below.