A wedding ring took an unexpected detour to Trashville, and the sanitation squad in the US State of New Hampshire becoming the unlikely heroes of the day.

Dennis Senibaldi, the maestro behind Windham General Services, got a call about a lost wedding ring cruising with the trash. A resident’s hubby accidentally sent the precious band on a garbage adventure.

Dennis, being the hero we didn’t know we needed, dives into action. The resident spills the deets: when the ring took the trash plunge, what was in the bag, the whole nine yards. Dennis, armed with this intel, goes detective, reviewing the surveillance footage.

“I knew where the first scoop went, I knew where exactly on the floor it was, but it’s still a lot of stuff to go through,” says Dennis. Twelve feet of trash bag exploration later, jackpot! They hit the ring gold mine.

It took about two hours of trash digging, but they emerged victorious, ring in hand. Dennis gives it a shine, makes the triumphant call to the resident, and bam – from heartbroken to over the moon in no time.

Fun fact: this isn’t their first trashy treasure hunt. Dennis said, it’s the third time in two years they’ve played ring rescuers.

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