In the past five years, Bluey has become the most downloaded show in ABC iView history, has won a string of impressive awards, and continues to be one of the most streamed cartoons around the world.

Now Bentkey, an American streaming app for kids, wanted to get a slice of Bluey’s success. The app was launched by The Daily Wire, founded by political commentator Ben Shapiro and filmmaker Jeremy Boreing.

Their animated series Chip Chilla is about a family of chinchillas who are home-schooled by their parents. The knock-off animation, as fans have declared it, has caused a huge stir. Even Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, has claimed it’s a “phoney” US version of Bluey.

Many have pointed out that the characters and settings in Chip Chilla are very similar to those in Bluey. As well as the animation style, music, colour palette and characters. Despite the differences in species, the similarities in artistic elements and themes between the two shows have not gone unnoticed.