Trespassing: To enter someone’s land or property without permission.

In New Zealand trespassing can get you smacked with a fine up to $1000 or even a month in jail. But how do you lay charges against a couple of disobedient mini penguins!?

Anyone who made their way into the news cycle because they thought they were ‘above the law’ would usually be scorned by the rest of society. But these two are receiving lots of “ooh”s and “awww”s.

The pair were found hiding underneath a sushi truck. After being safely removed from the area, they high tailed it straight back to where they were found! One of these mini blue penguins is known to the officers. As police recently removed him and returned him to the water a few days prior.

NZ’s Department of Conservation said they were going to monitor the area incase the pair or any other animals returned to the scene of the crime. While we could assume these sneaky birds were looking for fish in the sushi truck, the DOC say it’s more likely they thought they’d found a nice nesting area.