Bec and Jeziel shared some interesting facts they recently learnt.

Today I learnt…

In 1952 a bus driver jumped across Tower Bridge in London.

In 1952, Albert Gunter was going about his day, driving the number 78 bus over Tower Bridge in London. To his surprise, the road in front of him seemed to drop away. Gunter quickly realised that the Bridge was opening, and his bus was on a rising bascule.

In the 1950s, a watchman was supposed to ring a warning bell and close the gates before Tower Bridge opened.

He could only think of 2 options as to what to do. Stop the bus and hope someone would realise what was happening and stop it. But that left the possibility of the bus slipping back and toppling into the river. Or continue driving and jump the gap. He had been a tank driver during the war and the tank would have had no trouble getting onto the other side and decided to see if a double-decker could do the same.

So he slammed his foot down on the accelerator, jumped the rising bascule and successfully reached the north side of Tower Bridge. Getting all his 20 passengers across safely.

For this act of bravery , Albert was awarded a day off work and £10 (about £290 in today’s money)

There is a Japanese beetle that when eaten by a frog will make its way through the digestive system and escape unscathed.

The Japanese water beetle travels through the bowels of its predator to emerge out the other end unharmed. In a video taken by ecologist Shinji Sugiura, a frog snags the beetle and gulps it down whole. For 115 minutes, nothing happens. Then the insect wiggles its way out of the end.

The beetle has to make its way through several inches of inner organs, including an esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. The digestive juices make for a deadly environment, so speed is imperative. Because some beetles were able to complete the trip in six minutes, Sugiura concluded that the beetle was actively moving through the frog’s insides, rather than being passively transported.

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