Bec and Telana shared some mind-blowing facts they recently learnt. Today I learnt…

Footwear brand Payless set up a fake luxury store.

Payless set up a fake luxury store called ‘Palessi’, to see if people would be willing to pay luxury prices for their discount footwear. This also included a sleek website and Instagram account. About 80 influencers attended their event and shelled out a total of $3000. “I would pay $400 or $500,” a woman said holding a pair of $19.99 sneakers. One shopper event paid $640 for a pair of boots! But Payless returned the money and let them keep the shoes.

A tortoise celebrated its 190th birthday.

Jonathan the tortoise was born in the early 1800s making him the oldest living land animal. For 140 years, he has lived on the remote island of St. Helena a 6-hour flight west from Johannesburg, South Africa. Shell measurements taken upon his arrival on the island show that he was at least 50 years old at that time. The island’s resident veterinarian has cared for the tortoise for decades. “When you think, if he was hatched in 1832—the Georgian era. He’s seen World Wars, the rise and fall of the British Empire, the many governors, kings, and queens that have passed, it’s quite extraordinary. And he’s just been here, enjoying himself”.

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