Today I Learnt…

Shattered was a British TV series where ten contestants were challenged to go without sleep for seven days. 

Over the seven days, the ten housemates had to endure daily performance testing and a variety of challenges. They were competing for a potential prize fund of £100,000. But if a contestant closed their eyes for over ten seconds, then £1,000 would be deducted from the prize fund.

Performance tests included a memory test, a clock test which measured their perception of time, a reaction test and a stroop test which examined their mental agility. The people who showed the biggest drop in performance had to face off in a live challenge, the loser would be eliminated.

Every day a contestant was chosen by their peers to endure an hour-long You Snooze You Lose challenge. Where chosen contestant would have to stay awake during an activity that would encourage them to fall asleep. These challenges included: 

  • A facial treatment
  • Cuddling a giant teddy bear
  • Listening to a bedtime story, repeated throughout the hour
  • Watching paint dry while seated in a warm chair
  • Counting sheep on a television 
  • Listening to a lecture on triangles that the contestants had attended earlier in the week

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleeping? Listen to Bec and Asa’s chat below!