Bec and Jeziel shared some interesting facts they recently learnt.

Today I learnt…

A cat lived in a public school for 16 years.

The cat, named Room 8, lived there during the school year then disappeared for the summer, returning when classes started again. This continued for years until the mid-1960s. News cameras would go to the school at the beginning of the year waiting for the cat’s return. 


As he got older, Room 8 was injured in a catfight and suffered from feline pneumonia. So a family near the school volunteered to take him in. The school’s janitor would find him at the end of the day and carry him across the street. Room 8’s obituary in the Los Angeles Times rivalled major political figures, running three columns with a photograph. In 1972, a cat shelter was started in his name called The Room 8 Memorial Foundation.

Did you have a school pet?

You can live on a cruise ship for $46,000 a year.

Life at Sea Cruises has opened bookings for a 3 year cruise on the MV Gemini, which sets sail from Istanbul on November 1. The company is promising to tick off 375 ports around the world, 135 countries and all 7 continents, and 103 tropical islands. The voyage will take in iconic sights from Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer to the Great Wall of China. 


As well as traditional cruise ship amenities, the Gemini will also be kitted out with remote working facilities. The ship boasts a full-scale, free-to-access business centre complete with meeting rooms, 14 offices, a business library and a lounge for mid-shift coffee breaks. A minimum down payment of $46,000 is required.

Would you be willing to stay on a cruise for 3 years?