By Producer Rach

Have you ever tried to take a trolley through the self-serve checkout? I know I have, it can sometimes leave me feeling awkward because I take up so much room! I try to push my trolley as close to the register as I can but then I end up trying to stretch over it to scan my items and it’s all a bit messy. I do admit, the social distancing restrictions have made this a little easier. All shops have had to close every second self serve checkout, so I can put my trolley in front of one of the registers that’s not being used and it’s out of the way.

But of course, the restrictions won’t last forever and soon I would have had to go back to being an awkward self-serve checkout user. Except this Tiktok video has changed my life!

When I watched it for the first time I thought “I can’t believe I didn’t think to ever try this.”

Tiktok user @Ebonyhit has unveiled that the end of the small/half trolley fits perfectly over the shelf where shoppers usually place their baskets!

@ebonyhitam i the only one who just figured this out

♬ original sound – ebonyhit

“Am I the only one who just figured this out?” she captioned the video.

Another Tiktok user commented “I work at a grocery store and didn’t even know this.”

“Life changing information! Thank you for your service” wrote another.

“You have saved me lol” was commented.

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