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Dan’s Story: Ten thousand people signed up to legally change their name to ‘Subway’ to receive free sandwiches for life.

Subway announced the overwhelming response to its name change challenge and revealed that in just 96 hours, thousands of peoples signed up. But only one lucky winner will be named later this month.

The person selected will not only get a lifetime of free Subway sandwiches but will also get reimbursed for the legal and processing costs of the name change.

Kirste’s Story: Thousands of UFO’s have been spotted in Scottish town

Bonny Water is quiet and unassuming town, with just 9000  residents, three primary schools, a public library and 2,300 homes. But is is actually the UK’s hotspot for other-worldly activity with more than 300 unexplained UFO’s sightings. Hundreds of unidentified aerial phenomena have been spotted in the skies since the early nineties.

“It is a very small town in Stirlingshire and there’s nothing overly significant there, just local industries. It’s your typical Scottish town and that’s why it’s so surprising that we’ve seen a lot of UFO activity in the skies since 1992,” said leading paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson.