An exam question has left baristas scratching their heads, even experts were stumped.

The question from a HSC Hospitality Food and Beverage exam paper went viral a few years ago, when it stumped several secondary school students in Australia.

The seemingly-simple task challenged participants to correctly name two different coffee drinks in a diagram. Most people quickly identified the first coffee as a long black. But the second diagram caused trouble for students and baristas. Experts haven’t been able to agree whether the coffee is a flat white or a cappuccino.

Kieran Westlake, president of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association that based on his local coffee culture the drink would be a flat white. But elsewhere it could easily be classed as a cap. “This is a tricky question for students, as the answer is dependant on geography and coffee culture of where it is served.”

Dan, a self proclaim coffee aficionado, thinks it’s a latte “There is no difference between a latte or a flat white. It’s the same thing in a different cup. A flat white comes in a ceramic mug and a latte comes in a little glass.”

Alice is a hospitality professional and agreed with Dan because most people aren’t trained properly. “It’s all to do with the level of the foam. The way I’ve always been taught is a cappuccino is just espresso with foam. A latte is milky and  it does have a little bit of foam. A flat white has no foam.”

Do you agree with Dan? Listen to their full conversation below.