There are many mysteries when it comes to the world of the subconscious mind, and those who are attempting and succeeding at unlocking some of those mysteries are Sleep and Dream Experts Dr Ian Dunican and Dr Hailey Meaklim.

Dr Ian has a PhD in Sleep and Performance from the University of Western Australia (UWA), where he worked with elite sporting organisations/athletes to optimise sleep, recovery, and performance.
Dr Hailey is a psychologist and research scientist internationally certified in behavioural sleep medicine. She is currently completing her research PhD at Monash University, focusing on advancing the training of healthcare providers in evidence-based treatments for insomnia.

Joining Leah on Table Talk both shared their passion for the area with their research, and insights and to answer your questions on what’s going on when you’re sleeping, or trying to sleep! This segment is worth listening back to whether you’re a shift worker and your sleep cycle is messed up or you’re just super interested in the dream state.

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Part 1

Part 2