A poll of 2,000 people revealed the top 20 things that make us feel good with a good night’s sleep coming in at number one. Forty-five per cent said a compliment and laughing until tears flowed is guaranteed to boost their mood. The average respondent experiences these uplifting moments three times a day.

But, some are finding it increasingly hard to be happy. Over 80% said they avoid negative stories on social media and TV as it leaves them feeling emotionally drained. Sixty-eight per cent of respondents believe happiness is infectious, and over a third say go out of their way to spread a bit of positivity.

Top 20 things that make us feel good

  1. A good night’s sleep
  2. A sunny blue sky
  3. Summer
  4. Receiving a compliment or praise
  5. Booking a holiday
  6. Crying with laughter
  7. Getting a quiet moment to yourself
  8. Eating your favourite snack
  9. Pets being happy to see you
  10. Looking back at old photographs
  11. 1Finishing a great book 1
  12. Helping an elderly person
  13. Finishing a workout
  14. Hearing children laughing
  15. Finding a parking space when it’s busy
  16. A newly-cleaned car
  17. When your football or other sports team wins 1
  18. A heart-to-heart with a loved one
  19. Volunteering or helping others
  20. Finding out your children have done well at school