Art will come alive in Fremantle on September 16 as projections take over heritage buildings in an art exhibition like no other. The brainchild of Beth and Kav Temperley, ArtsiX merges the creation and exhibition of art into one, with a digital platform that opens new possibilities for art enthusiasts worldwide.

“ArtsiX is not just another art exhibition. It’s an innovative art event, that will revolutionize the creative landscape and shape the future of art in both digital and physical forms,” explained Beth Temperley, Project Director of ArtsiX.

Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley and digital artist Nate Hill are bringing their artistic brilliance and passion to ArtsiX. “They got together and decided to create an amazing piece of artwork for Christmas last year. And that brought together myself and Pete Argent, who is a lecturer at RMIT. We decided to see what happens if we got some musicians, animators and visual artists in a room together to create some digital art that we can show the world.”

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