In 2010, Phil Hepworth had a life-changing moment that propelled him on a journey. He was depressed and not walking with God. “I was a bit of a wreck, to be honest. I used to think just shake it off and I couldn’t. And one day I walked into a church and made my peace with God. And I’ve never been depressed again.”

He started seeking God every day and was questioning his true purpose. One day he saw the statistic that one child dies every fifteen seconds from water-related diseases. “It was almost like God said these are your children…That was the catalyst for Water for Africa.” Phil started doing research online and found a man in Tanzania who was providing people with clean water. He worked with him for three years before starting Water for Africa with his wife Julie.

One of the most memorable experiences was when they were collecting water from a pond to mix cement for one of the wells they were installing. On one side a group of cows and sheep were urinating and defecating in the pond. On the other side, a man was bathing himself and took a drink from the pond. “It hit me that this is what people are drinking. This is why people are sick. It was such a stark in-my-face moment.”

But for only $2.50 you can give one person access to safe and clean drinking water for life.