Pastor Phil from Kingdomcity church joined Bec to discuss points of agreement. Success in a marriage is not because couples agree on everything….but because they have discovered how to find points of agreement through which they work together. It might sound easy but agreement, especially in a relationship, can be a more challenging concept than we realise.

A point of agreement is where you and your partner identify an issue or a need in your relationship and work together to find common ground. Once you have worked it out, you’ve created a powerful point of agreement that can positively impact various aspects of your relationship.

What if one person’s stance on an agreement changes over time? Pastor Phil assures us that’s not only common but expected. Life is a journey, full of growth, change, and learning. So if perspectives shift, it’s time to come back to the negotiating table and discuss it.

Agreement can be broken down into two types: foundational and circumstantial. Foundational agreements include aspects like faith, lifestyle, home culture, and values – the bedrock of your relationship. On the other hand, circumstantial agreements deal with real-life issues like finance, parenting, in-laws, and intimacy.

What if you’ve been together for a decade and never had these foundational discussions? No worries! There are various courses, online sessions, and community groups that offer practical training on how to tackle these topics effectively. Pastor Phil even runs a free weekly marriage Zoom series, with a session specifically dedicated to finding agreement.

Don’t just drift through your relationship, settling for the status quo. You have the power to find agreement, intentionally working towards a stronger, more harmonious future together.

“Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” – Amos 3: 3