Jeziel and Producer Telana shared some of the latest trending topics.

It has been claimed that Beyoncé has her own toilet seats flown to each destination on her tour.

It’s alleged that her team has to ensure that she doesn’t sit on a toilet seat that’s been used by anyone else. A photo has been shared, reportedly from backstage on the tour, that shows a container that’s said to be part of her “huge luggage haul” taken to every concert. It features a label with her name on it, that also reads: “Toilet seats.”

A source told the outlet: “She’s such an elite performer she can literally request anything. Her team makes great effort to ensure she has her own comforts, and a personal toilet seat happens to be one.”

The source stated that some staff on the ongoing tour have seen everything so it’s not a great deal for them. They went on to add that it amuses people who happen to catch a glimpse of the branded container.

The internet is divided over the true colour of tennis balls.

That may sound like an easy question to answer, but to the shock of many, there seems to be a divide between the two camps on social media as to whether it’s green or yellow. Even Roger Federer even gave his own thoughts on the question in 2018. He’s always thought that a tennis ball is yellow. A person on Twitter started the debate, with 29k votes, 46.7% of voters answered that a tennis ball is yellow and 43.2% think it’s green.