Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of our work lives. With the freedom to work from home or the traditional office, we’re discovering the true costs that come with our jobs.

It’s not just about the basic salaries anymore. Nope, there are all these hidden expenses that really add up. Let’s break it down: Aussies are shelling out an average of $2,820 on transportation, $2,436 on lunches, $685 on education, and $420 on work-related clothing every year. That’s a pretty penny, right?

But here’s where it gets real interesting. If you’re a parent, childcare expenses take the cake. According to McCrindle Research, the average Aussie parent spends a whopping $12,229 annually on childcare, gobbling up 22% of their after-tax earnings. Crunch the numbers, and that’s a grand total of $18,588, which means parents are forking out one-third (33%) of their post-tax income just to keep working.

Check out the full conversation BT and Kirste had with Grant Dusting from McCrindle.