Meet BONZA John Callaghan! Growing up in the rugged mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, WA, John developed a deep love for the land and its people. A proud Aussie singer-songwriter, John calls himself a singing storyteller, weaving vivid tales through his music.

Over the years, John has penned and recorded over 100 songs, with highlights like “Waltzing Matera” about West Coast Eagles legend Peter Matera, and his signature track “Stand Up.” He even wrote a special song for the WA School of Mines, performing it at a Western Mining charity ball.

John’s talent has earned him numerous awards for his singing, songwriting, and entertaining. He’s shared the stage with legends like Johnny Cash, Don Williams, and James Blundell, among other top Aussie country music stars.

John is passionate about supporting up-and-coming, independent Aussie artists, helping to amplify their music. As a country singer and proud Christian, he loves sharing his faith through his songs.

Join Bonza as he shares his love of Jesus and country music on the Country Show every Tuesday at 8 PM!