When we stepped into planning for our Watering Day fundraiser with Water For Africa this year we were a little nervous. Why? Well, due to rising costs that the Water For Africa team are facing to install and repair wells in Tanzania, we had to increase the donation amount from $2.50 to provide water for one person, to $3.50.

We fully understand that the rising cost of living is also making life challenging for many of you, our Sonshine Family, so we took a step back and decided to be conservative in our target, aiming to raise enough funds to provide clean water for 20,000 people, less that the amount we achieved last year. But, perhaps our faith wasn’t big enough!

We were blown away by the incredible generosity of our Sonshine family! From the moment the phones opened on Watering Day last Thursday the tally began to grow at a rapid rate, and it didn’t stop all day… in fact, it didn’t stop over the weekend and into this week! We blasted through our 20,000 target by mid afternoon, and our final tally is 35,252 people impacted with clean water for life! That’s our best Watering Day result yet, and it’s all thanks to you!

Water For Africa Founder, Phil Hepworth, says the donations made on Watering Day have a massive impact in so many ways; “Not having clean water, it doesn’t just impact their health, it’s their education, it’s commerce, industry, business, it’s everything in life… water is life! A huge thanks to everyone who gave on Watering Day, Perth you have blown us away with your generosity!”

We’ll be following up with Water For Africa over the coming months as they head to Africa to build more life-saving wells in the villages of Tanzania thank to your generous donations on Watering Day! Thank you again for partnering with us to truly wake a life-changing, and life-saving difference to more than 35,000 people!