Have you ever gone shopping for just one thing and then ended up with half the store in your shopping cart? Instagram home decor influencer Morgan Smith, who has more than 150,000 followers, has revealed a hack to stop people from impulse buying.

She said customers will often make a purchase, such as a cup or pillow, often because they’re beautifully displayed. However, these items may not be as aesthetically pleasing once bought and placed at home. “You love everything because it’s so beautifully curated and styled in the store. But then you get the decor piece home and it’s just… meh?”

To reconsider a quick purchase, she suggests grabbing the item, walking to the trash can aisle, and placing it among the trash cans to help view the product as a standalone piece. “It frustrated me so much when I used to pull out my holiday storage containers and not like some of the decor that was only a year or two old. The impulse buying had to stop. It was honestly just wasteful, so I started ‘taking it to the trash’. Definitely recommend.”



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