Alisha Lehmann is a skilful striker for Switzerland’s World Cup Team. She is the most followed player on social media but often cops criticism for wearing a full face of make-up when taking to the field.

In the world of sports, athletes often become the subject of public scrutiny, not only for their on-field performances but also for their personal choices and appearances. Swiss striker Alisha Lehmann, known for her exceptional skills on the soccer field, has been facing criticism for one unusual aspect of her game – she plays with a full face of makeup on.

“About this, I’m sometimes disappointed, because I work hard every day. I train every day and I want to be the best player I can be. They don’t really know how I play. I’m always saying, ‘Watch a game please’ – and then they’re surprised.”

It is essential to embrace individuality in sports and allow athletes to express themselves freely. Just like wearing specific gear or accessories that help an athlete perform better or feel more confident, makeup can be seen as another tool for self-expression and empowerment. If Alisha Lehmann feels more confident and comfortable with makeup on the field, then it should be celebrated as her personal choice.

Psychologically, makeup can have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. Many athletes, including male athletes, wear items that bring them comfort and reassurance during competitions. For Alisha Lehmann, putting on makeup might be a way to enhance her self-assurance and mental focus while representing her country on the field.

On Table Talk, Leah brings this unexpected controversy to her listeners and had a discussion about gender expectations, individuality, and the role of appearance in sports.

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