During the 2024 Spring Festival, a giant peony flower lantern blossomed in Luoyang, China. Earning the Guinness World Record for the largest standing lantern!

This masterpiece, equivalent to the height of an eight-storey building, illuminated the night with over 53,000 internal light sources. It featured 36 main petals arranged in six layers, each meticulously dyed to create a stunning gradient effect.

The giant lantern measures a staggering 45.03 metres in length, 19.7 metres in width, and 24.84 metres in height, with a weight of 45 tonnes, matched by a 40-tonne counterweight. To put it in perspective, it weighed more than a fire engine!

Crafted using traditional techniques, the lantern underwent a labour-intensive process involving wireframing, light source arrangement, paste application, and intricate painting. Despite its beauty, construction posed immense challenges, with each outer petal weighing a hefty 800 kilograms and spanning over 10 meters in length!

The team had to overcome adverse weather and relentless work for 17 days and nights. But after lots of hard work the lantern proudly stood atop Luoyang’s iconic Peony Pavilion, not just breaking records but also showcasing the city’s rich cultural heritage and artistic prowess.