Hopping into an icy bath might not seem appealing to everyone. But the practice may support your physical and mental health. Ice baths can reduce inflammation and swelling, relieves sore muscles, aids exercise recovery, lowers core body temperature, supports immunity and improves mental health.

Maria having an ice bath

In countries like Sweden, ice bathing is a winter tradition. Maria, who is from Sweden, said ice baths have amazing health benefits. “You just feel amazing. It’s quite a lot of your breathing. If you panic when you go in. But if you just focus on your breathing then sitting it’s good. “I would definitely recommend it. I know though that if you do have maybe heart condition or health issues it’s probably good to chat to your GP first or at least have someone with you so you’re not on your own.”

There are even clubs that organise ice baths every week. “Sometimes, depending on how deep it is, you would put a ladder down. So you can just dip in as far as you like. Some people would dip their heads in as well. Some people would prefer the warm way of doing it, which is that you would have a sauna. So you sit in the sauna with a group of friends or just on your own then just go right into the ice and then go back into the sauna.”

Have you had an ice bath? Listen to Maria and Leah’s chat below.