During the pandemic, the elderly were given a special hour in the morning to shop at supermarkets. Now some shoppers are keen to bring it back.

A Facebook user, took to the social media platform to ask if there should be a ‘boomer hour’ as they move slowly, chat to others, and block aisles with trolleys and freezer doors. Suggesting that those in retirement age should be mindful of workers, students and busy parents by not shopping at peak times.

Consumer Behaviour Analyst, Barry Urquhart, said the idea was ‘ageism personified’. “”It won’t work because they are a primary driver of the marketplace at the moment. At a time where the cost of living and the cost of doing business is acute, you can’t turn and marginalise any consumer group.”

Woolworths did not respond while Coles have said they aren’t planning on creating an initiative like this. “We currently offer Quiet Hour which is a low-sensory shopping experience that’s easy on the eyes and ears and is offered at participating Coles stores every Tuesday between 10.30 am to 11.30 am,” a Coles spokesperson said.

One person commented: “Older people have just as much right if not more to go to the supermarket when it suits them, they’ve earned the right after paying taxes all their lives. What is wrong with people nowadays? Entitled much?” Another said: “How ridiculous…maybe those whinging shoppers need a life and should online shop?”

Do you think there should be a ‘boomer hour’ at supermarkets? Listen to Bec and Asa’s full chat below!