Ethan on one need proposing to Micah

Love was really in the air on Valentine’s Day as Sonshine’s “Put a Ring On It” giveaway came to its conclusion, with an amazing proposal from our winner Ethan to Micah, his beautiful bride to be!

When Ethan entered the competition, he told us that he’d been dating Micah for four years, and they were absolutely ready to take the next step, but every time he was ready to propose something got in the way. He really wanted to make the moment special, but didn’t have a lot of money to do that.

The Sonshine team had been in touch with Rothwood, a wedding venue in Wattle Grove, that could provide a beautiful setting for such a special moment. We also had Kirstin from The Picnic Providore on board to provide a lovely platter for the two lovebirds, and Jason Tey ready to take photographs that would enable the couple to forever remember the occasion.

After sifting through the entries, and speaking with Ethan, we knew that he and Micah would be the perfect winners. So, following a week of planning and preparation, it was go time for Ethan to pop the big question.

Micah’s mum helped out, spinning a story about finding a venue for a family member’s special birthday to get Micah to Rothwood, before a new story opened up when Micah arrived… she had to wear a blindfold because Ethan had booked a special blindfolded meal experience for the two for Valentine’s Day. Micah says it all started to seem a little sus to her! “I was a little bit confused at first! Ethan was a bit secretive, so I thought he might be planning something, and we have been talking about it for a while, so I guess I was very shocked but had a little bit of a clue.”

With a beautiful “Marry Me” sign set up by Ethan, and a walkway for Micah, it was time to remove the blindfold and let her in on the secret. With Bec commentating the whole thing from behind the scenes, the big moment arrived… and there was a sigh of relief all round when Micah said “Yes”.

Speaking to Bec on air after the big moment Ethan said he was ready for he and Micah to take the next step into their future. “We met at church and have known each other since we were 10, but have been together the past four years. We’ve been very happy getting closer to each other and closer to God. I love the way we can make each other laugh, and the way we can have deep chats, be close and stick by each other in the highs and the lows, and the way that we push each other closer to God. I bought the ring a while ago, it was actually passed down through the family so it’s her mum’s diamond from her ring and I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to bring it out!”

For Micah it was the perfect moment, “I love extravagant things, so this is like a dream come true, I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little girl and to share it with beautiful people is just amazing.”

The team here at Sonshine wishes Ethan and Micah all the very best as they plan their special wedding day. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the couple as things move forward… they’ve definitely become a special part of our Sonshine family!