Image: Stevo Vasiljevic/Reuters

Seven people in Montenegro are competing for the title of ‘Laziest Citizen’ by lying down on mats.

A lying down record of 117 hours was set at last year’s contest. But as this year’s competition entered a 20th day, the remaining contestants said they were determined to keep going. “All of us feel good, excellent, there are no health problems, they are pampering us, all we have to do is to remain lying down,” said last year’s champion Dubravka Aksic.

The last update said the seven remaining contestants from a starting field of 21 had been lying down for 463 hours so far. According to the rules standing or sitting is considered a violation and grounds for immediate disqualification. But contestants are allowed to have 10 minutes every eight hours to go to the toilet. They can also read and use phones and laptops.

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